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I follow the WHOLE30 eating protocol, designed to rid your body of systemic inflammation, and the hold that certain foods and habits have on your health.

It's not easy.  But the results are very worthwhile.  Weight loss often comes as a result, although it's not the focus.

To help make it easier and for personal accountability, I host a WHOLE30 Facebook Group.  You're welcome to join us, no matter where you are in the world.

Most people notice that once they've detoxed from the sugar and processed food-like-substances, which takes between 3 and 8 days, they start to feel amazing, with boundless energy, clearer skin, sharper mind, and some of those aches and pains they've carried start to disappear.  

Come and join our next 30 day challenge!

If I said I "stopped eating crap and started moving my body" would you believe me?

The reason this worked for me is that when I cleaned up my act, it wasn't with a short term goal in mind; to fit into an outfit, or to reach a certain size or number on the scales, it was for life.  Literally.  

You wouldn't go and fill your car up with diesel instead of petrol - yet you happily stuff sugar-laden, processed foods into your own vehicle.  The one body you have.  You can't trade it in when it starts to run poorly.

There's a different reality.  One where food no longer controls you, and you eat for hunger not emotions.

I can help.  Let's catch up for a chat; phone, Skype, in person to see if you're ready for change, and if I'm the one to help coach you through it.

No cost.  No judgement.  Just support (and a kick up the butt if needed).

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