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Bringing Essential Oils into your life is a conscious decision, and a big one at that.  It's really important that once you've made your purchase, you spend a little time getting to know them, how to use them - safely and effectively - to make the most of your investment.

All Wholesale members who enrol under The Balanced Coach affiliate link will be welcomed into The Balanced Essentials Tribe; a resource to connect, educate and inspire.

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The doTERRA culture is one of sharing, education and empowerment.  There's so, so much more to share.  I'd love you to make contact with me, or the person who introduced you to doTERRA (because...integrity) to talk more about the essential oils that are right for you and the best way to bring them into your life in the most cost effective way.

We don't sell oils, we're changing the meaning of health care from prescribe to prevention.  It's an exciting time to be involved in natural health.  I'd love to help you bring this to your world...