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Clean Sports Drink

Wanna cut 9 teaspoons of sugar from your sports drink, save a truck-load of cashola and still get all the benefits of those popular brands without the chemical sh*t storm? Course you do...

What do I need?

500ml water

Pinch of sea salt

1/6 cup good quality, no added sugar fruit juice. (I use Nudie, but a cold pressed would be awesome too).

1 Swisse effervescent magnesium tablet

How? Add salt and fruit juice to your water bottle, shake well.

Drop the magnesium tab into the mix and let it fizzle away.

Shake again, and enjoy before, during or after physical activity.

How often can I drink it*?

Adults should be able to take up to 2 magnesium tabs per day without any problems. Children under 12 should have a max intake of 1 tab per day.

*consult your health care professional for advice as to dosage and whether this is okay to take with other medications.

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