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Eating for the seasons

I was introduced to this concept a few years ago by Janella Purcell, an Aussie Naturopath and Author who knows her stuff. Each page was a revelation to me, and I devoured it from cover to cover in a single sitting like you would a large print, trashy romance novel.

Eating for the seasons

Why we should eat food when it's in season. The effects food has on our emotions and different organs in our bodies. And how these elements come together to form a truly balanced diet. I was hooked from page one.

"For every season there is an object, an organ that is most sensitive and a different emotion that will be associated with that time of year." In spring you may get headaches and feel angry. In summer, feel sluggish and worried. Autumn can bring sadness and chest infections. And winter can make you feel isolated, alone and anxious.

"By eating what you need you're giving your body, mind and spirit the best chance at balance."

This all makes perfect sense to me. In nature, certain foods are planted and harvested at a particular time of the year. Not only that, different climate types have completely different growing seasons and produce types.

Think of tropical North Queensland and the foods we associate with the region. Then contrast that to a typical famers market stall in Melbourne. Some similarities, but so many differences. When I travel to QLD, I can't get enough of those gorgeous in-season offerings. It seems to suit the climate so much more appropriately than a bowl of oatmeal in 30 degrees and 90% humidity!

So with certain food types delivering certain nutrients at certain times of the year in nature, it's also likely that our bodies crave these same nutrients at these times to correct imbalances. More than coincidence that so many of us take up a juice detox regime when the weather starts to heat up?

Other than the health benefits, eating by the seasons, buying what is in season, is considerably cheaper. The higher the supply the lower the price.

-Food for thought-

Do you change up your menu plan by the seasons?

Have you ever noticed that you lean towards certain foods at certain times of the year?

Can you see a pattern with how you feel at a certain time of the year, every year?

I've added some great links below so you can see at a glance what is in season in your area.

-Resources- Seasonal Food Guide General

Seasonal Food Guide Melbourne

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