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Essential Oils for Massage Therapists

My hands are my tools - and they're absorbing traces of every product I use. I want to protect them and give myself the same care I give my clients. That's why I only use and recommend dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Here's my fav 5 doTERRA products... 1. Ice Blue Rub: Perfect for sport recovery. Use this anywhere you'd use a heat cream - but without the toxic crap!

doTERRA massage therapist top 5

2. Ice Blue Oil: I use this is place of a heat pack. 2 drops diluted in a pure carrier oil applied to hypertonic muscles - cover - treat elsewhere - come back to soft, pliable tissue. Less force. Greater effect. 3. Balance Blend: In a diffuser* to release emotional stress which makes for a more effective and long lasting treatment. *please don't "burn" essential oils - it creates fumes you're then breathing in + heating your oils reduces their therapeutic properties. doTERRA have a gorgeous diffuser, the Petal, which wholesales for around $55 and is a perfect addition to your treatment space. 4. Fractionated Coconut Oil: This is the same stuff we cook with, just with the solid parts split out so it stays liquid. It absorbs beautifully into the skin without needing a lot or leaving that greasy feeling. Your hands are in this all day - go read the label on your current massage medium!! 5. AromaTouch Blend: This sets a spa-like feeling to your treatment room. I use it in my diffuser, in the wash to leave my linen soft and smelling gorgeous, and any time my clients need some gentle self-care.

I'd love to help you get these oils into your life. They'll benefit both you as a therapist and your clients in ways that will amaze you. You'll find all of the doTERRA goodies above inside this PRODUCT GUIDE.

If you feel these Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils would make a difference to your life and you'd like to make a purchase, please use my AFFILIATE LINK (much appreciated xx)

And if you're not sure but you're interested to know more, please don't be shy. I love to chat about all things wellness. Drop me a quick EMAIL with your contact details and I'll be in touch.

June is a great month to get started with some really great product deals. I wish I had these oils in my life years ago!


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