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Before you start a WHOLE30

If you've ever tried (and survived) a WHOLE30, you'll know that preparation is the absolute most important aspect of success.

1. I suggest taking a full week, or month, or longer, to get your head around the RULES, research some recipes (thank you GOOGLE) and prepare yourself a WEEKLY MEAL PLAN.

That's the practical stuff. Let's tap into the real life changing stuff.

2. Your reasons for wanting to do a WHOLE30. Your WHY. This is what will anchor you into making good choices and avoiding temptation throughout your 30 days. Your WHY is usually bigger than you. And it's often emotionally charged.

Ask yourself why you want / need to do this.

When you've answered that, drill down another layer, and another...

Like this:

I want to lose a few kilo's and help my knee recover from surgery.

--> Because my clothes are getting tight and my knee hurts when I walk more than 5km. --> I feel uncomfortable. --> I want to feel proud of me, look + feel healthy and move freely. When you've got your why, write it somewhere. Keep it safe but accessible. In your phone case or somewhere you carry with you often.

3. Support from those around you will make this a much more pleasant 30 days. If you're comfy to do so, have a conversation with those around you. Share your why. Ask them for their support. They mightn't come on board with you, but let them know it's important to you. **You might be surprised at the positive reactions you receive!

We have a wonderful little support group you can join HERE.

There are plenty more steps you can take, but over the last 3 months of supporting people to eat this way, these seem to be the most important. Remember, we want information to support our action. Not indefinite research as a form of procrastination. You know what I'm saying???

30 days. Life changing. Are you ready???



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