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Is work making you sick?

I could write an entire month of posts about wellness in the workplace. Actually, the lack of wellness. People bringing in sickness, bringing in negativity, bringing in stress.

Cubicle farm paper shufflers seem to be the worse affected. A bug and an attitude spread quicker than a sandwich artist buttering 100 rounds of bread.

Imagine though, working somewhere that uplifted your mood instead of bringing it down? A place where everyone was calm, and focused. And an environment with less sickness. (and personally I think they're all related!)

Here's my top 6 doTERRA products that really can change the way you feel at, and about work!

1. Petal Diffuser Safe + economical to use with automatic cut-off, these diffusers vibrate to emit a cool mist, purify the air, and send aromatic signals straight to our brain through the olfactory system. You only need 5 drops of oil over a 4 hour span. (Retail $73.34 or WHOLESALE* $55.00)

2. Peppermint Known to uplift and put a smile on your face. Peppermint can take away short term worries & make you feel lighter of heart. (Retail $34.00 or WHOLESALE* $25.50)

3. Wild Orange

Brings feelings of abundance; both financially and personally. Great for workplaces that deal with $$. (Retail $18.67 or WHOLESALE* $14.00)

4. Lemon

Add this to a blend for increased focus. It's also been known to ease respiratory discomfort, so perfect in Winter months when cold and flu are floating around, and Spring for allergy relief. (Retail $18.00 or WHOLESALE* $13.50)

5. Balance

A lovely grounding blend you can use on it's own, or combine with Wild Orange to calm stressed nerves. Great for pressing deadlines or to prepare for big presentations. (Retail $36.00 or WHOLESALE* $27.00)

6. On Guard

This is the protective blend, which is known to boost immunity. It's clove aroma smells delicious too. (Retail $54.33 or WHOLESALE* $40.75)

Each bottle contains roughly 250 drops. You only need 5 in a diffuser, so they're great value for money, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and a wonderful way to change the way you feel at and about work.

These 5 oils + diffuser + *wholesale membership ($35.00) (so you can access oils + re-stock at discount prices) total up to $210.75, which costs less than the average worker earns in one day.

Employers... Save one sick day and you've covered your cost!

Want more info? Keen to lend a trial kit? Ready to make essential oils a part of your work day?

EMAIL ME so I can help you on the path to workplace wellness.

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