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The frequency of health

All cells within all living things vibrate. They're constantly regenerating, multiplying, and this takes and produces energy to do.

A normal healthy human vibrates at a frequency within the range of 62 to 78 MHz. Just visualise that as a range on a radio dial. The closer you are to the higher end of that scale, the happier and more evolved you are. Conversely, the closer to the lower end...

Studies have shown that disease begins to occur below this lower range. Cold + Flu at 57 to 60MHz. Susceptibility to Cancer sits at around 42 MHz. Death begins to occur at 25 MHz.

When I first read this ^ I was intrigued to know more. What lowers our vibration? What raises it? And what else is this connected to?

There's plenty of references to the power of thoughts, both negative and positive, having an effect on your energetic vibration. It's not just hippy la la unicorn stuff. Measurable. Scientific. For me, worth paying attention to.

Vibe lowering;

Negative thoughts -12 Smelling Coffee -8

Drinking coffee -14

Holding a cigarette -17

Smoking a cigarette -23 Processed foods 0

So too does watching violent sports or TV programs, arguing, fighting, being judgemental, holding onto grudges, drinking alcohol, drug use, eating a poor diet, stress, and exposure to toxins in the household.

Not surprising really, as we pretty much know that all of these things, in excess, make us feel pretty lousy. It's not just a feeling. They lower our frequency.

How do we raise it?

(I'm glad you asked!) Positive thoughts +10 Prayer +15

Fresh produce +20-27 Dried herbs +15-20 Essential Oils +52-320

And if we add in some other things that fall under the self-care umbrella, like meditation, gratitude, kindness, being of service, a good night's sleep, positive mantra's, these all help to lift our vibe too.

Where do you stand on the vibrational ladder? This is true growth. Self-evaluation. Recognition of where you are. A plan for where you'd like to up level. And then making the changes. It's so, so worthwhile. The higher you reach, the more pleasant the view xx

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