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Heal your heels

Do you dread placing your feet on the floor first thing in the morning? A burning, tearing pain through the bottom of your feet and into your heel could mean a case of Plantar Fasciitis, or PF for short. It's nasty. And once it sets up camp, it often outstays it's welcome.

Here's a 3 step method that some of my massage clients have used to stop that first niggle from becoming a full-blown pain in the heel.

1. Reduce inflammation

I swear by doTERRA's Ice Blue Essential Oil* (not suitable if you're taking blood thinners). Place one drop in the palm of your hand and smooth onto the surface of your foot, from the ball down to heel. Continue this 3 times a day for 3 to 5 days.

2. Lengthen through the plantar

Using a golf ball or spiky ball, place some weight through your foot, and roll the ball from ball to heel, taking the tissues towards discomfort rather than pulling it further away. Do this twice a day for 2 minutes each time, after you've successfully reduced any inflammation with step 1.

3. Prevent a return with stretching.

Often, clients presenting with PF also have incredibly tight calves and have recently increased the time they're spending on their feet.

a) Heel raises --> slow + controlled lifting of your heels to stand on tippy toes.

b) Heel drops --> lower heel downwards off a small step.

c) Toe spread --> imagine a line running between your big toe and 2nd toe. Separate your toes away from this line. It's tricky. You may need to use your hands to manually move your toes at first.

Perform all 3 stretches (once you're able to roll the plantar as in step 2, without discomfort) for 20 seconds each, twice per day. If no further PF symptoms flare as a result, increase the time by 10 seconds every second day until you're a one minute. And if pain increases, please see your primary health care professional.

*Can I help you source Ice Blue Essential Oil? I'm an advocate for doTERRA as I strongly believe in the quality and purity of their products, the values of the company and their spirit of empowerment and education. I earn a commission on products purchased through my affiliate link which helps me continue to share awesome things on this blog. Thank you xx

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