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I don't sell oils

Lately I've heard these words coming from my own mouth; "I don't sell oils", I say. "But I can help you take charge of your own health and wellness". What. The. Actual. ...?

And this is in conversation to people who have shown an interest in my essential oil posts. So I've been doing a LOT of reading and research on the mindset behind these words.

What I'm actually saying is "Because I don't want you to think I'm exploiting our connection, I'm going to sabotage your potential purchase and make it really hard for you to bring oils into your life, just so you (or others) don't think negatively of me".

The funny thing is, even though I'm mindful of keeping different areas of my life separate, there's cross-over. It's inevitable. And even though I go to crazy lengths to make sure people don't think I'm exploiting them, because I'd be mortified if they did think that, that's also inevitable.

How do I continue to share my love for essential oils without feeling judged? What can I do to introduce essential oils to those I know to be struggling with health and wellness issues, without feeling guilty for earning commission on the "sale"? Is there a way for me to move past the self-limiting beliefs that are smacking me in the face, or is it time for me to close my oil case and keep them to myself?

The truth is, I've copped some awful comments on social media and in personal messages about the very things I've been dreading. When you read things like that about yourself, it's very hard to not take them on board. No matter how much self-development work you've invested in.

It's human nature to want to run and hide when faced with personal attacks. Self-protection. I very nearly quit everything I do; contemplated (and sought advice on) closing the running group I founded, removed myself from social media, looked for external employment rather than working for myself. All because I didn't want the beautiful people I support to think I was profiting from them.

But I do profit from them. That's a fact I've had to reconcile with the concept of being in service, having volunteered for thousands of hours for countless causes over 32 years, and being a sensitive empath who was born under the sign of Cancer.

Let's set the record straight? As much for me as anyone who may be reading this.

I'm publicly declaring that I DO sell essential oils. And I earn a commission from their sale. I DO earn an income from my massage clients, those who attend my pilates classes, subscribers to my running programs, and from health / nutrition consultations. I'm both okay with that and incredibly grateful. What I no longer want to feel, is guilty. Not any more. I'm very good at what I do. I offer my services with an open heart so that those I come into contact with can enjoy better health, better movement, a better life.

Everything I do, everything I offer is connected. It's not possible to separate them out. When you get me, you get all of me. Holistic. Balanced. Honest.

Take me or leave me. That's your choice. Not mine xx



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