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Emotional Eater? (me too)

I'm a true emotional eater in every sense of the word. Stressed = eat. Excited = eat. Anxious = eat.

When I was studying the Nutrition units in my Health Coaching qual, there was a great section on emotions and triggers behind your eating choices. And when you break it down, there's 5 main trigger categories that narrow down our why. Our pull towards foods that don't necessarily serve our goals.

Over the next week or so I'm going to talk more about each of these triggers, with some strategies for overcoming them.

If you're keen to know more about WHY you eat what you eat, click on the image below to take you to a downloadable pdf.

If you too have struggled with emotional eating, spend some time over the weekend to do this exercise so you're ready to play along next week. And if you haven't already, please LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE for a deeper dive into this work.

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LSA porridge



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