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Is this the last slow-cook of winter?

There are so very many things I love about living in Melbourne. The food. The sport. The seasons.

Today, it feels like the seasons are changing. Spring is in the air. The sun is higher. The daylight lingers longer. Warmer weather is coming. How wonderful.

So as I put tonight's slow-cooked meal in the oven, it kind of feels like this will be the last of the year. I'm happy-sad about that. There's nothing better on a freezing, grey Melbourne Sunday arvo than getting a whiff of seasoned meat and softened veggies wafting from the kitchen.The one-pot, no clean-up, put your feet up anticipation gives me a ridiculous amount of pleasure.

I've learnt some new tricks this slow-cook season. My well-loved, red, cast iron pot has seen some tasty combos this year. We've eaten mostly by WHOLE30 or Paleo protocols; lots of fats and minimal carbs. Nothing processed. It's all fresh, and whole, and it's make such a difference to our tastes and waists.

It's also the first winter I've included *Essential Oils into the seasoning repertoire. I was a bit skeptical at first. What if they made the food taste yuk and spoiled the dish? Are they even safe to eat? I did my research, gave it a go, and now, most times I would have reached for a processed seasoning or a bunch of fresh herbs, just one drop of *Essential Oil is enough to flavour our whole dish. We'll savour this meal tonight - the last slow cook of a wonderful winter. The first in our new home. The happiest and healthiest we've ever been. So much to be grateful for :D *I only use doTERRA Essential Oils for their purity and potency. Not all essential oils are safe for ingestion, and their use is not indicated for some medical conditions. If unsure, please check first with your health care professional.

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