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Help! My friend joined a MLM company.

I'm laughing as I write this post. Why? The irony. Total and utter irony.

You see, I never intended to become involved in a network marketing company. Never. As in, avoided anything that even slightly resembled selling, party plans, with the exception of a few plastic type items that burp when you seal the lids!

Until now.

So as a long-term avoider and network (or multi-level) market eye-rolling skeptic, I reckon I'm pretty qualified to have an opinion on this topic...

I can save you a lot of reading by saying this. If you're not interested, please, just say "no thanks". There's no need to run and hide. No need for awkward. Just say no.

I'd like to share with you the reasons why, if your friend does decide to start a network marketing business, that you're likely to be invited to attend their party - meeting - conference - workshop - let's just call it an EVENT.

For most of us, when we start a business that involves direct selling, there will be three entry points;

1. To receive a super crazy discount on products (incentive)

2. Because we've used and fallen in love with the products (advocate)

3. The lure of a car, lots of cash, early retirement (lifestyle)

Whatever the entry point, we're going to share it with you because it's something we're excited by. And being a supportive friend and all, we assume you'd be excited by it too. Just like if you were opening a pop-up burger bar, shoe store or a coffee shop, it's likely that your friends will not only queue up to be the first in the door, they'll probably share your posts and bring a friend or two as well. And yet, when it comes to MLM, it's often the reverse.

When we first try to share with you what we're doing and why we're excited by it, or invite you to an event, many network marketers find that their friends don't return messages, avoid eye contact and that's when things start to get awkies.

I understand this. I used to feel the same.

While it's true that a lot of people starting their businesses see their contacts as "prospects" to be converted and sold to, there's also many, many, many who don't.

I know that when I started to share doTERRA Essential Oils, it was from genuine love of the product, the values of the company and the solutions it offers for people wanting better health. When I enrolled to be a wellness advocate, I had no intention of ever creating a business from it. The oils were for my own use in Pilates classes as a mat spray and with massage clients to create a calm environment. I didn't know at the time that these oils could do so many things; replace my personal care and cleaning products, uplift or calm my mood and that I would have a natural toolkit on hand to deal with minor medical issues.

And that's just the start of it. That I'm now in a position to give back to those who first jumped on board and supported me makes me overflow with happiness. Some of my team are able to have a percentage of their monthly order covered. I love that. As my tribe grows, so too will their account balance. And all they have to do to get that is to live and love the product.

In my tribe there's no pushy, sleazy, manipulative tactics. No artificial friendships and connections designed to boost my or my tribe's profile. It's all genuine sharing. Genuine. And that's the kind of people we attract.

So, if one of your friends decides to dip their toes into a network marketing biz, share the products and invite you to an event, try to keep an open mind, because it could be a wonderful opportunity for you both.

The way I figure it, it's not my business to decide whether it's right for you or not. That's up to you. Yes please. Not now. No thanks. Awkward need not apply.

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