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Make your Essential Oil blends sing

Two of my favourite things;

Essential Oils and music.

They've got a lot in common.


If you listen to your favourite song, over and over and over again, it quickly becomes not-so-favourite. It's good to go back and re-visit from time to time, and you'll never forget the words.

Same with essential oil combinations. Our olfactory system gets fatigued by the same combinations, and those we used to enjoy or benefit from can lose their effectiveness. Challenge: if you've had a Home Essentials or Essential Collection kit of doTERRA's top 10 oils for a while and you've expanded on it with the very generous Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), go back and revisit some of the basics. HERE'S some inspo.


You know when a house down the street has a party and all you can hear is the doof doof doof of base? Or your neighbours kid gets a drum kit for Christmas and they discover the cymbals - a high-pitched, tinny, ding-ding-ding that gives you a headache?

When we blend essential oils, too much of a good thing - like citrus (yes, I know you love them) goes straight to your head.

Essential Oils are categorised into notes. Top, Mid and Base. Much like a great piece of music has life and depth, so too does a blend, and combining oils from all 3 notes gives beauty to a blend.

Challenge: arrange your oils into top, mid and base notes and experiment with different combinations, taking one from each category. HERE'S a very basic reference sheet of aromatic notes. And HERE's a sheet for you to record the ones that make you sing. If you have spare label stickers...


I think this is the best part of both EO's and music - expanding your collection by being open to new experiences and sharing what you love with friends.

Essential Oil events are like live concerts (although they smell much more pleasant than a mosh pit!). When you go to a great concert, it's usually not just because of the music. It's the vibe, the connection, the experience. Every essential oil event I've been to has left an impression. Different ways to use my oils in unexpected ways, nuggets of info to share with my tribe, and EO people are always lovely, genuine and caring. There's no competition or sense of territory.

Challenge: find an essential oil event near you, grab a few friends and go experience something different. If you live anywhere near Berwick, Vic, my tribe are holding a mega event on Thursday 21st September. See my Facebook page for event details.

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