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5 reasons a 5 year plan is so 5 years ago

Remember when this was all the rage? Corporate coaching morphed into our personal worlds as every wanna be entrepreneur and high achiever sought structure in their lives.

For a while I subscribed to this theory. For a while.

Here's why the last thing I'd spend my time on is a 5 year plan;

5. Procrastination Taking a leaf from corporate, so so so much time is wasted created plans, that you need a plan to plan your plan. Don't get me wrong... structure and accountability are good friends of mine. As long as they involve action. Acquiring pretty stationery and decorating each page is great if you've got oodles of time, but it's not an overly good way of getting things done. And often, lists and to-do's are a way of making busy work for yourself, again, without getting runs on the board.

4. Presence

Subscribing to the Danielle LaPorte school of being, as I do, that incessant push, push, push of my previous corporate life never sat well with me. All striving. No living. All comparison. No happiness. When I stopped the push was when I took a peek at what happiness could look like. Just being. Allowing yourself to be in the present moment, rather than chasing. With a 5 year plan, unless you're at year 4.5, everything is future focused. That's a long time without presence on your present.

3. Mindset

Usually, when we create plans it's because we're feeling a bit rudderless. In need of direction. And typically, we're a bit flat, low, not on top of our game. Setting your course for the next 5 years based on a lower emotional state is rarely going to set you up for a life that makes you shine.

2. Limits Are you imposing a self-created glass ceiling with a 5 year forecast? Those of us who manifest possibilities are aiming for "this, or something better". Plans don't give you that ease and flow. They pretty much state that by this date you'll have / be this, with milestones to meet along the way. I've seen many a strategic plan objective in danger of being met before it's time. Those responsible for bringing it into being firmly place the brakes on. Rarely does a 5 year plan give you inspiration to reach beyond.

1. Imagination My life is so very very different now than it was 5 years ago. In fact, just about every aspect is different. Better. So much more expansive than I would have dreamed back then. If I'd had a plan, would I have limited these opportunities? Likely, yes. Five years ago I hadn't started a Women's running group. Heck, I wasn't even running yet. I was still a CEO for a State Sporting Organisation, working eleventy hundred hours a week. I was still overweight. Hadn't even thought of training as a running coach, nutrition coach, pilates instructor, massage therapist. And I'd never seen a bottle of doTERRA oil. Imagine a life without rows of organised cap stickers? How did I ever function?

For now, I'm content with flow. Going with it. Making choices everyday that support my health, my relationships, my business, my life.

I don't always get it right. But it feels right for me. Sound like a plan?



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