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Shiny September

I don't mind telling you who I voted for in the last election. Liberal. But I'm a swinging voter, without passion for any party.

I don't hesitate to declare where I stand on the same sex marriage debate. Just as I openly explain that my Son lives in New York with his husband. But I won't hate on you for having a different view, even if it makes no sense to me.

What I'm not comfortable discussing is money. To the point where, if someone walks out of my treatment room without paying, the words get stuck between my brain and my mouth. Where would that be? My nose? Stuck. People have literally received a free massage because I can't talk money.

Perhaps it's because I've never really had that much of it.

Don't get me wrong. We live a pretty comfy life. Now. There's been many times when dollars have been hard to come by. I literally have been down to my last 20 cents - and then used it in a pay phone to see if I had a job. I did. And that whole 17.5% interest rate craziness of 1989. With a newborn and a 3 year old at just 21, meeting mortgage repayments was tough. And yet you survive. Learn to be frugal. Focus on necessities. Ask for help as a last resort.

Perhaps it's because I worked with money, accounts, finances for so long. I think it desensitises you to cash. You see it as printed paper rather than what it is.

Perhaps there's more hippy in me than I realise.

Peace, love, freedom. Karma. Being of service. Being kind. Giving rather than receiving. I'm not exactly Byron Bay commune material. There's traits that resonate though.

Perhaps I'm just shit scared of the stuff. I've seen greed. Don't care for it much. People with overflowing abundance who hesitate to give or spend. Always looking for the cheap way, the angle, the discount. That's not my bag.

Whatever the reason, or mixture of many, here I am writing about the very topic I don't speak of. Money.

September was a month of massive shift for me. Personally. In my biz too. I had to learn to be okay about money. And quickly. The Essential Oil side of things went BOOM!

This is my first experience of multi-level marketing. I've ALWAYS avoided it like a contagious disease. Until now. I've learnt much to date. The most important is, you can't do it alone. It's an upward reaching structure. There are dependancies. For me to be successful and earn money from this, I need a team who want it, who get it, and who are ready to rise up to the challenges. Who are ready to claim the space I've held for them. And they are.

It's with the greatest of pride that I can announce, the Balanced Essentials Tribe have earned the dōTERRA rank of SILVER in September.

To save you a Google search, income at this level is roughly $2,000 per month. And that's just to my account. Along the way, those who are rising with me are also earning enough to cover the costs of growing their oil collection, or saving up for a family splurge.

It won't stop here. Momentum is snowball-like in natural health right now. So many people are looking for chemical-free alternatives. And even more are looking for alternatives to shuffling papers in a 9 to 5 state of boredom. This model so perfectly solves both problems.

Money. Health. Freedom. Team. Empowerment. Come get me.

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