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My relationship with Essential Oils

At some point in all of my workshops, I like to talk about my relationship with essential oils. It's true love. I wanted to clear that up right from the get-go.

We've been friends since my kids were little. We used to "burn" them under tea-light. They would have been cheap oils. Money was tight back then. I remember the pure decadence of down time after the kids were in bed. A hot bath. Candles. Oils. Relaxing music. A magazine or book. It wasn't a costly ritual, but I always emerged from the modest bathroom feeling much more calm and grounded.

Essential Oils and I lost touch for a while. Work. Study. Sport. Coaching. Kids. Life. Busy happened. Self-care became less of a priority. And with it came weight gain and a loss of wellness.

We shook hands again as I was in Bridezilla planning mode for our outdoor wedding. I wanted our guests to have an insect repellent on hand to ward off the mozzies, but the commercially available options smelt so chemically overloaded and didn't suit my vision of a natural, aussie, outdoor celebration. I found a recipe online for a home-made version; eucalyptus, orange, peppermint, citronella, sandalwood. It was amazing. My guests raved about them. Even though it poured rain on the day.

When I started teaching Pilates a few years later, I wanted a spray to freshen up the mats in between classes. "Hello Essential Oils. I haven't seen you for a while." They were probably out of date. I didn't know about such things back them. But they smelled great. That's all that mattered :D Things started getting serious when I started treating massage clients. Essential Oils may be cliche, but there's a reason why pretty much every therapist uses them to help a client get the feels. I branched out a bit and bought some new oils. Better quality. A calm blend. A sleep blend. They were gorgeous for me and my clients. I'd burn them, spray the linen with them and mix them into my massage oils too.

And then one day, a gorgeous friend asked if I'd like to smell a new oil she'd just bought. "Of course. I love oils". Holy heck. THIS was different to anything I'm inhaled before. The little amber bottle said doTERRA, and under that, Bergamot. That was the day I gave my heart away.

"How do I buy these", I asked her. She told me that she had bought a kit to start with. That it's the best way. Best value for money. Really versatile. She gave me an email address to contact the person that she bought them from. And a few days later, I was cuddling a box containing my Home Essentials Kit with diffuser.

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit

I had no idea back then that my life was about to change in ways I'd never imagined. Stay tuned as I take you though my story. I hope it inspires you to think about changing your life too. xx

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