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What's your superpower?

Hanging out in Sydney lately, a very inspirational lady started chatting about strengths. It was refreshing. On so many levels. We're often acutely aware of our weaknesses, the things about of selves we feel are holding us back. But no so much our strengths. The things that launch us forward.

So much of personal development, self-help if you will, suggest we focus our energy on bringing our weaknesses up to the level of our strengths. Imagine though if we spend more time identifying, sharpening and embracing our strengths.

My friend suggested I take the VIA Strength Finder test. So I did. First you create a free account (and yes, they do email you things from time to time). And then you invest around 10 minutes answering a series of statements by gut feel. It wasn't even a bit stressful, and proved to be so, so enlightening.

Here's my Top 5 report from March 2018:

As I was making my way through the questions, it started to feel familiar.

By the time I was accessing my report, it dawned on me that I'd done this survey before. (clearly memory isn't one of my strengths!).

Here's my Top 5 report from February 2017:

I was a bit surprised that there was so much change in only 13 months.

Three strengths were common to both; creativity, curiosity and appreciation of beauty & excellence. Only their positions changed in that time.

What the comparison shows me though, is that we're always evolving, growing, and it's important that we acknowledge that and give ourselves the space to expand, occasionally glancing over our shoulder to take stock of where we've been and the distance we've travelled.


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