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Success Story : chipping away

Often, when a client comes into my treatment room, I'll ask them "what are we working on today?". I love the variety of answers that come my way. And this client was fully prepared to chip away at her goals.

Success is the sum of small efforts





Recreational golfer.


This frustrated client came to me to help improve her golf game. As she puts it, she used to play off "a pretty low handicap for an old girl". But, after 2 hip replacements and some weight gain, she was definitely feeling below par, on and off the course. Confined to a cart for her weekly match, she was considering giving up the game altogether.


We did full assessment of her physical condition, noting limitations in her range of movement at both hips, her core strength and mobility through the shoulders and upper back. While on the table, we had a chat about her diet too. I was excited by her enthusiasm for change, and the scope for improvement in her overall health as well as golf game.

Initially treatments were weekly, then fortnightly, monthly, quarterly over the span of two years. In between sessions she was motivated to make small tweaks to her food intake and stick to a corrective exercise protocol that took a few minutes on alternate days.


With a 12kg loss, she was feeling pretty good. Her family helped her celebrate with a personal styling session and shopping spree for her birthday.

But that's not the really cool part.

I had a call from her during the week with exciting news to share. For the first time in years, literally, years, she walked the full 18 holes of golf and has pulled up with no soreness to her hips, shoulders, neck or back.

Her next goal... hunting down that single figure handicap!

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